The most frequently asked questions about Legal Hemp

How to choose the best cannabis light?

To choose which strain of legal cannabis to buy, especially for the inexperienced, it is recommended to rely on three factors. The first is the quantity of CBD contained within, the more active ingredient there is and the more effective the product will be, and obviously the more expensive. Another is certainly the price per gram and finally the aroma and quality. The choice is not as obvious as you may think, the idea that a flower with more CBD is always better than one that contains less is not always true and many awards have been won by products with a low level of active ingredient, precisely thanks to the aroma and quality.

Where can legal cannabis be purchased?

Legal cannabis and the products derived from it, as well as many types of gadgets, accessories and other tools for use and consumption, cando not buy in the various stores. In our store there are many varieties of legal marijuana and other derivatives of this product.

How much does light cannabis cost on average?

Depending on the quality and quantity of the product you want to buy, there are various price ranges for light cannabis. In the stores you can find many varieties of products and derivatives which differ both in the processing and cultivation method, and in the effects and uses that can be made of them. The price per gram can therefore vary fromĀ£ 6approximately euros, up to 13 or 14 Pound. Usually, by taking higher quantities, the price can progressively decrease as the grams of light cannabis you want to buy increase.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

THC and CBD are the two active ingredients contained within the marijuana flower and plant. The first, in summary, is that which induces one's brain to react to the plant by manifesting psychotropic effects. Products with a high THC content cannot currently be purchased under Italian law, while it is possible to buy those with a high concentration of CBD. This other active ingredient is what causes the body and mind to relax, as well as other beneficial effects of various kinds.

What are the effects of legal cannabis?

The main effect of legal cannabis, induced by the CBD contained within the product, or the main active ingredient that acts on the body and mind, is that of relaxation and in some cases sleepiness. There are also many studies regarding its use in the medical field and in other areas, cannabis light is in fact often used as an anti-inflammatory or to relieve pain. Before using cannabis light as a remedy for physical problems, it is still recommended to consult your doctor.

How to consume legal marijuana?

The most used method to consume legal marijuana is certainly to smoke it by mixing it with other herbs necessary for combustion and rolling it into a long paper that can be purchased at tobacconists. This is the classic "joint" or "spinel". To take cannabis light without smoking it, it is also possible to create infusions or cook sweets or other piesnze based on legal marijuana, qthese are themore classic ways.

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